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Chronic Pain Boone NC True Weight Solutions

Did you know that cancer, depression, physical pain and heart disease may all have one underlying cause?

Even worse, the very same “underlying cause” could also cause Alzheimer’s, strokes, type 2 diabetes, and other terminal diseases.

That’s why 50% of all deaths worldwide can be traced back to this “underlying cause.”

What “cause” am I talking about? CHRONIC INFLAMMATION.

Chronic inflammation tears your body apart from the inside.

It can degrade your skin, sap your energy, and contribute to chronic

Today, scientists are estimating that 60% of Americans have some form of inflammation. (And the older you get, the more likely you have it.)

But there’s good news, too: Reducing inflammation doesn’t require medical visits, prescription pills, shots or anything unnatural.

In fact, it’s possible to drastically reduce your inflammation — with our True Weight Solutions Anti inflammatory & gentle detoxification program. We combine Red Light Therapy with all of our weight loss patients to slim, contour & tighten the NEW YOU!

That means you can look younger, feel better, and live a longer, healthier life — by making a few key changes.

That’s where our Boone NC True Weight Solutions with our Red Light Therapy chamber is making huge changes in many of our lives…Changes that will have a profound and positive effect on you, your family, and friends for years to come.

Why NOT You? Lose Up To 15-35+ lbs In Just 60 Days

High Country Pain Relief offers patients wanting and needing to lose excess fat and inches, a high-quality & sustainable weight loss and lifestyle program!


Chronic Pain Boone NC Red Light Therapy

Have You Felt Like It’s Been Impossible To Reach Your Weight Goals?

Have your medical doctors told you, you NEED to lose weight yet haven’t provided a game plan to do so? We hear it all the time…


Chronic Pain Boone NC One Simple Kit

It may be hard to believe, but many True Weight Solutions Program™ patients lose 20-40 pounds of Pure Fat in as little as 60 days when used in conjunction with our professional level, Trifecta 450 Red Light therapy. The True Weight Solutions Program™ doesn’t discriminate if you’re male or female, young or old. We have tested this doctor formulated program on thousands of patients.

We have found that as long as you follow the program, you will definitely lose weight without the need for excessive exercise, eating expensive pre-packaged foods, or feeling hungry! *You’re not allowed to be hungry!

As a True Weight Solutions patient at High Country Pain Relief, you will experience rapid, healthy weight loss without hunger or cravings. Our typical patients will lose between 20 to 40 pounds of PURE FAT in 60 days.

60 Days To A Healthier You In Boone NC

The True Weight Solutions Program™ uses a very specific combination of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, amino acids, and superfoods.

This specific formula used with a low glycemic index/anti-inflammatory lifestyle, will dramatically improve health, well being, and help you lose weight safely.

With our easy to use system, that includes our HIPAA Compliant patient/provider app, patients lose inches and fat, not lean muscle and water weight as found in most weight loss programs.

Additionally, this is done without daily injections, as the True Weight Solutions ™ nutritional support formulas are delivered under the tongue for maximum absorption.

True Weight Solutions Is Safe, Effective & Affordable!

This is a well-paced 60 day weight loss program utilizing metabolism boosting supplements to accelerate fat burn and weight loss.

Throughout the 60 days, you will eat whole foods (no processed or pre-packaged meals) to include meats, vegetables, and fruits! Yes, you are allowed fruit with each meal on this program yet it still focuses on low glycemic index food. * You will enjoy weekly Red Light Therapy sessions that slim, tighten, contour your body and improve skin tone while increasing your energy, decreasing inflammation, improving sleep and cognition!

You will have the added benefit of 24/7 TWS app tech-support and instruction to guide you through your daily meal preparation, reminders to take weight loss supplements, and also communicate with your health coach within the TWS app directly on your phone!

This lifestyle can be a long term solution to weight loss and maintaining good health for years to come.

True Weight Solutions Safety Guidelines

The True Weight Solutions Program is supervised by Dr. Derrick Denman. All practice members are prescreened for complicating factors, poor prognostic indicators, and contraindication. If the screening reveals a complicating factor or poor prognostic indicator, Dr. Denman will discuss the concerns with the potential participant.

Depending on the severity of the projected clinical implications of the complicating factor or poor prognostic indicator, a person may be prohibited from participating in the program. If a potential participant’s past medical history contains any contraindications, the participant is prohibited from undergoing the program.

Each participant has a weekly follow-up visit with the doctor. During these visits, practice members will offer updates on their overall health, adherence to the diet, and any struggles or challenges they may be experiencing and their Red Light Therapy session.

Participants are weighed, receive an 8-point body measurement, and their blood pressure is taken. Dr. Denman will use this data to calculate each patient’s BMI.

Based on this information, participants are then given detailed information and instruction on what they need to do for the upcoming week.

Chronic Pain Boone NC Lose Fat At The Speed Of Light

Results You Can See!

Practice participants don’t just lose weight, they feel better, move better, have more energy, more confidence; the benefits are just amazing!

We Provide The Best One-On-One Support To Help You Achieve Your Health Goals!


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